OCHA repatriation plan - Indonesian registration of camp populations

East Timor - According to a report from the Office for the Coodination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the voluntary return of East Timorese, who have sheltered in West Timor, to East Timor will occur in three phases.

  • Returnees arriving in Dili by plane
    The first attempt is scheduled to take place on Friday, October 8, 1999.



  • Returnees arriving in Dili and Baccau by plane and boat
  • Returnees crossing the border to East Timor by road

    Indonesian authorities started a registration of camp populations on October 4, 1999. One section of the registration form asks if the East Timorese wish to return to East Timor immediately, want to stay in West Timor permanently or temporarily or if they wish to join the Government Transmigration Programme.

    The UNHCR has objected to the registration plans, arguing that, under current circumstances, there is not even a minimal guarantee that the people can answer freely.

    The UNHCR has sent a letter to the Indonesian Government protesting the repatriation plan.

    Food distribution is starting for the West Timor populations. In the beginning, the programme shall concentrate on the region of Atambua. Food rations are planned for 142,000 people and the first shipment is expected to arrive in Kupang

    The World Food Programme (WFP) says it will start distributing rice and blended food in West Timor, concentrating on the region of Atambua. Food rations are planned for 142,000 people. A first shipment will arrive in Kupang, the capital of West Timor, on Friday October 8, 1999.