Nicaragua: Coping mechanisms for victims of domestic and sexual violence

Work in Cuidad Sandino, based in several public health centers and alternative clinics, was expanded in 2002 to put even greater emphasis on coping with the health consequences of sexual and domestic violence. In Quilali, MSF supports the Casa Materna, where women can deliver their babies, as well as a women's center where abused women can file complaints stemming from domestic violence. Over 250 complaints were filed between July 2001 and May 2002. An operating room at an area health center was completed in mid-2002 and should improve access to delivery facilities for the rural population. Direct work in Quilali will finish by the end of 2002, with financial support to Casa Materna continuing into 2004. From April 1999 through September 2002, MSF was engaged in HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted disease prevention work in Bluefields and nearby Corn Island. All MSF activities here, including an AIDS information, testing, and counseling center established by MSF, were turned over to local organizations in September. MSF first intervened in Nicaragua in 1972. International staff: 9 National staff: 50