New ebola case means outbreak continues

The ebola outbreak that has affected Uganda since September, 2000 has declined to minimal levels in recent days. However a new case on January 3, 2001 has meant the outbreak is still contagious and active in the region. A five-month old baby died on the night of January 2. An outbreak is considered ended when twice the length of the incubation period for the diseases passes with no new cases. The incubation period for ebola is 21 days and so there can be no cases for 42 days. Prior to the recent case, there had been no new cases for 21 days and there was hope the recent outbreak was coming to an end. MSF remains active in the region providing treatment to ebola victims. Ebola has no cure and is highly contagious. Once a person becomes infected, the disease can be transferred easily to people with whom they come into contact. Survival is often dependent on early recognition of the diesases and effective medical care.