MSF watches for increased refugee flow from Afghanistan

Afghanistan - There have been extensive media reports of an exodus from Afghanistan but, as of information dated September 19, MSF teams have not noticed any significant flow. In the Jalozai camp, near Peshawar in Pakistan, the normal trickle of refugees continues. Further west, at the border between Kandahar and Quetta, people are trying to cross, but large numbers have not been reported. Most MSF programmes in the Taleban-held areas of Afghanistan are continuing with national staff coordinating the efforts. MSF projects in the north-eastern region, under control of the Northern Alliance, continue. Meanwhile, MSF is building its capacity in surrounding countries. MSF still has a team of three in Peshawar. Additional MSF staff are in Islamabad and MSF will be increasing its staff in Pakistan. To the east, in Iran, MSF has small teams in Mashhad and Teheran. On the northern side, MSF has expats in Turkmenistan to deal with a possible influx of refugees, and support the national staff in Afghanistan. Additional teams are in Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan. A team is being established in Turkmenistan.