MSF 'Trapped' trailers crossing Europe and North America

This is one of the four 'TRAPPED' trailers touring Europe and North America throughout 2002. The exhibit is named after the blue flytraps seen in the foreground. They are placed in infected areas throughout Africa to catch the tse-tse fly.
For the summer months of June to September, MSF Access TRAPPED trailers are travelling across North America and Europe. The countries shown below are scheduled for visits so click on each for more information. For specific dates of where and when, visit the national sites of:
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Luxembourg
  • Switzerland .
  • United Kingdom
  • United States There are three trailers crossing Europe with the exhibition. In the United States a fourth trailer has been completed and is conducting a nine-state tour of the USA. THE 'EXHIBIT WITHOUT BORDERS' WELCOMES YOU TO THE WORLD OF NEGLECTED DISEASES MSF has launched a mobile exhibit to raise awareness about the lack of access to essential medicines in developing countries. A joint international effort, the exhibit was named TRAPPED - Neglected Diseases, Forgotten Lives and its world tour was launched in Paris on June 14, 2001. Path through the world of neglected diseases: what if ...? Starting at the 'Wheel of misfortune' which assigns the visitor one of five different roles and situations, MSF volunteers running the exhibit invite visitors to take on the identity of an imaginary person. By chance or circumstance, just like the patients MSF treats in developing countries, this person falls ill. Following a coded path through the exhibit, visitors will learn more about real people sharing the same fate, about diseases that are neglected by pharmaceutical companies and governments alike, and about treatment options which are often dramatically limited in developing countries. Getting human about medicines By involving the visitors in the dynamics of the campaign for Access to Essential Medicines and raising awareness of the issues, MSF hopes to help mobilise worldwide public action to bring life-saving medicines to patients in poor countries. Touring With the current touring shcedule of the exhibit, MSF shall be reaching out to the public in more than 60 cities in eleven countries.