MSF teams fight cholera and malnutrition in Monrovia IDP camps despite ongoing fighting

Although Redemption Hospital remains closed due to insecurity, teams have opened clinics throughout Monrovia, treating the civilian populations suffering in the recent fighting. The high number of displaced in such poor conditions is highly vulnerable to a variety of life-threatening illnesses.
In the midst of ongoing fighting, clinics have re-opened with MSF staff members working in Clara Town, New Kru Town, New Georgia and Logan - all locations are inside the capital city of Monrovia. So far, the main medical problems are malaria, diarrhoea and severe respiratory infections. The Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the camps of Seghbe (10,000 people), Plumcor (5,000 people) and Rick's (3,000) that are located in the outskirts of Monrovia have access to the clinic in Seghbe Camp. It is the severely malnourished who are the most vulnerable. Current assessments have a mortality rate Ã? of children under five high as eight cases/per 10,000/per day - a level that MSF considers alarming. MSF is therefore planning a rapid nutritional screening to better detail the deteriorating food situation. Immediate plans are to set up a therapeutic feeding centre for 500 children in Seghbe. It is not possible to do more at this stage because of insecurity in the area which is outside the centre of Monrovia. In situations where there is a high displaced population with poor health care and sanitation, cholera is a constant threat and the number of cholera cases is high. Over the past three weeks, there were more than 540 cholera cases. However the Ã? number of cases and deaths will climb. During the fighting it was not possible to gain access to many patients and some deaths from cholera are only now being reported. There are ongoing admission of cholera cases from the Dwe Twe High School in Monrovia where about 9,000 IDPs have gathered. There are also numerous cholera cases in Seghbe as well, because the population had to hide in the swamp for ten hours during the fighting. MSF will open two new cholera treatment centres (CTCs), with a total capacity of 300 beds, close to Mamba Point, in central Monrovia, where more than 50,000 IDPs have gathered in about 20 sites. Starting Ã? next week, the first unit should be operational. The cholera unit in JFK hospital (on the east side of Monrovia) is already filled to capacity (110 beds). Ã?  The MSF hospital in Mamba Point - with a capacity of 100 beds - was re-opened after Redemption Hospital was closed for the second time on June 24. Limited surgery is being performed and there is an average of four caesarian sections per day. Currently there are 60 patients. Redemption Hospital remains closed, due to the insecurity over the past days. Only the clinic is functioning.