MSF supports HIV/AIDS activist groups in El Salvador

MSF in El Salvador is supporting various groups in the country in their fight to access drugs to treat HIV/AIDS at affordable prices. MSF has hosted meetings with representatives from the Ministry of Health and national and international NGO's. All parties are interested in obtaining antiretroviral medications to combat HIV in the country. On August 30, Atlacatl - an NGO representing people living with HIV/AIDS - held a march one day before the opening of El Salvador's first ever HIV/AIDS conference. Over 400 HIV-positive people and their supporters marched through the capital, San Salvador, to demand access to these life-extending medications. Atlacatl is in the process of sueing the El Salvadorian government in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. Atlacatl claims that the government is discriminating against HIV-positive people by not providing them with treatment for their disease, as would be the case for people with other chronic illnesses. MSF will continue to support the objectives of the MoH and NGO's in finding solutions to the challenges of supporting people living with HIV/AIDS. Ultimately, the aim is to build a coalition of NGO's whose collective concerns will increase the pressure to reduce prices and increase access to treatment.