MSF starts working in new displaced camps in Eritrea

The humanitarian situation in Eritrea remains unclear. According the Eritrean government, there are some 750,000 displaced yet the number of people presently visible in camps is around 125,000. MSF is now present at two new campsites for internally displaced: Debarwa and Debat.

In Debarwa, with a population of close to 36,000 IDPs, MSF is concentrating on water and sanitation; construction of latrines; and the use of bladder tanks as well as the installation of water tanks. The team also distributed blankets, soap and jerrycans.

In Debat, with approximately 50,000 displaced, MSF started with a measles vaccination program. In the first three days some 8,000 children were vaccinated (of a total of 20,000 children between nine months and 15 years old).

Also, MUAC-measurements (middle upper arm circumference) were taken to get an indication of the nutritional situation in the camp. Of some 3,000 vaccinated children under-five years, some five percent appeared to be severely malnourished.

An MSF team is also present at the border between Eritrea and Sudan. Some 35,000 IDPs are present in two displaced camps close to the Sudanese border town Kassala. The teams primarily focus on water and sanitation.