MSF ready to provide humanitarian medical assistance to victims of hostage crisis in Moscow

Moscow - International humanitarian medical organization MSF is extremely concerned about the fate of the hostages who are now approaching their third day in captivity. Chief representatives and doctors of our organisation have maintained an around the clock presence at the scene since Thursday morning at the request of the Russian authorities. Our expertise in medical and humanitarian aid is completely available and we are willing to lend assistance to the hostages where and when deemed necessary. We continue to evaluate the situation and remain prepared to provide whatever aid possible. Considering the gravity of the situation, two of our most senior doctors: Dr Morten Rostrup, President of MSF International and Dr Jean Herve Bradol, President of MSF France have traveled to Moscow and are now present at the scene of the crisis. MSF urges all parties involved in this situation to do their utmost to bring about a peaceful resolution to this crisis and at all costs to avoid the injury or loss of life of civilians. MSF is an international medical humanitarian organization that provides medical and humanitarian assistance to victims of war, conflict and disasters. This assistance is given without political, religious or ethnic discrimation. MSF is an independent, international non-governmental organization and is mainly funded by public donations from the 18 countries where it has representative offices.