MSF providing medical kits to 'first-health' facilities

Since MSF has been involved with floods in Vietnam in the past, there has been a network of connections already established that has allowed for a faster movement in this emergency. In addition, local administrations and governments have raised flooding on their emergency priorities and the response to developing situations is faster.

Current MSF activities extend to the Hue and Quangnam province.

The city of Hue in the Thua Thien Hue Province

MSF assessment teams are already in place in Hue in the Thua Thien Hue Province. Findings so far are that the hospitals are very active but can cope with the pressure. The first health structures that were visited were able to handle to current workload. There is no access to isolated areas, so further information is unavailable at this time.

MSF is supplying approximately 30 first health units with basic health kits to ensure a supply of essential medical needs.

Quang Nam Province

A second MSF team is involved in the Quang Nam province. As MSF had contact during the previous flood last year, there has been some ease of movement in this relief effort.

The supply of basic health care kits to another 30 first line health care facilities is also underway.

In addition, there shall be rehabilitation and construction of wells to ensure a better water supply. Local health structures will be reconstructed or rehabilitated, with the facilities chosen according to the level of activity there. Between three and five facilities are expected to be part of the programme.

Between 3,000 and 5,000 family kits are being provided. The kits are comprised of soap, blankets, basic cooking supplies, mosquito netting and a pamphlet on basic health care.

Also, a sanitation awareness campaign shall be undertaken, where MSF acts.

In Danang, business is already back as usual and the situation seems to be under control. However there is a situation where isolated pockets of people have to be evaluated.

The past floods has also raised the profile of emergency procedures in similar conditions within the administrations. Along with mobilising forces for rescue efforts and food drops, authorities started chlorine distribution immediately to allow for a clean water supply.

On November 12, here was been an international appeal for assistance to overcome drastic food shortages and repair and replace housing and infrastructures in the devastated central provinces.