MSF intervention in Congo-Brazzaville ebola outbreak extended

MSF has sent a second team and a charter to Congo-Brazzaville to assist with the ebola intervention programme in the north of the country. A cargo shipment was sent on Feb 28 to Brazzaville with an additional three expats. The shipment includes ebola kits and isolation facilities. Some of the staff will travel on to Mbomo where two new cases of ebola have been reported. Extra reinforcements are also coming from Goma in DRC. Two MSF teams will work in the region of Mbomo, which will also be used as a base for monitoring the area around Kéllé. No new reports of ebola have been received from Kéllé up to now. The team will specifically concentrate on sensitizing the local population to the disease and available treatment. MSF teams will also set up quarantine facilities to treat and isolate new cases. An additional problem is the inaccessibility of the region, which makes logistical access very difficult. During the intervention MSF is working closely with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the Congolese Ministry of Health. Currently over 60 people have died of the illness so far.