MSF intervenes on both sides of Somalia clan conflict

Fierce fighting has broken out between the Dir and Marehaan clan and their allies some 200 kilometres south of Galcayo in Somalia. MSF is intervening on both sides of the fighting. One Dir village, Harere, is under siege of the Marehaan. The MSF team in Galcayo has sent a team of four expats and one national staff member and emergency material. The team first visited Abu Dwak, a nearby stronghold of the Marehaan and has since moved on to Dushamareb, where the Dir are based. In both locations, they assisted in treating the wounded and replenished the stocks of emergency drugs and medical supplies. So far, a total of around 40 people killed and over 150 wounded has been reported. "This is a conflict about territory between the two clans", said Head of Mission Ayham Bayzid from Nairobi, Kenya. . "At the moment there are four major armed conflicts going on in Somalia, of which this is one. Two others are taking place near Baidoa, and the fourth in the Juba Valley, not too far from our new project there. “Thanks to early information we have been able to intervene on both sides near Abu Dwak, in an area where we normally do not work. Unfortunately, we did not have the capacity yet to react to the Juba clashes."