MSF food programmes in Kisangani given to local NGO

Some of the therapeutic food programmes (TFCs) organised by MSF in and around Kisangani in the Democratic Republic Congo, were handed over last week to a local NGO The programmes started in December 1998 and have treated over 20,000 malnourished children. In May and June of last year the civil war in the DRC led to fierce hostilities between Uganda and Rwanda in the heart of Kisangani. At that time, the food programme was treating 2,500 children. At present, the food situation in and around the city has improved and MSF is concentrating on the urgent shortage of medical facilities in the surrounding districts. In the past year various medical posts in the Yahuma health zone have been supported by MSF. On December 19, 2001 MSF released a key report on the DRC denouncing the health situation in the country as catastrophic. With the developing nutritional situation in pockets of the country, MSF is able to hand over supervision to government sections and bring increased focus to the needy health care situation.