MSF condemns attack on humanitarian workers but remains active in Mitrovica

MSF strongly condemns the attacks on humanitarian staff that led UNHCR and other humanitarian
actors to temporarily suspend their activities in North Mitrovica.

Nevertheless, due to the important needs of the populations, MSF
decided to pursue its activities in both parts of the municipality.
Also the medical organization continues to provide humanitarian
assistance to all communities living in North Mitrovica where it runs
mobile clinics and mental health activities and supports the Mitrovica

Being very concerned about the recent attacks against international
humanitarian organizations, MSF also wants to focus the attention on
the deterioration of the living conditions of the minority groups in
the enclaves and in Mitrovica North.




MSF has been active in Kosovo since 1993. In the region of Mitrovica, the
medical organisation is presently running activities in Mitrovica,
Skenderaj/Srbica and Vushtrri/Vushtrr municipalities. MSF activities
include mobile clinics, mental health, reequipment and support,
reconstruction and rehabilitation of medical structures, well
cleaning and water and sanitation for schools.