MSF celebrates two years in Khayelistsha

Khayelitsha mobilising to fight HIV/AIDS

An introduction by Dr Eric Goemaere, MSF Head of Mission, South Africa

The Khayelitsha ARV programme is not only a model of implementation of AIDS drugs for South Africa, it is also a model for the world. This programme has been described last week by the World Health Organisation as one of the best examples of successful implementation of ARVs in a poor environment. And the most remarkable point, what makes this programme unique is the engagement of the beneficiaries, and the participation of the large community with it.

Viva ARVs viva! People's Stories on Treatment

Accept responsibility for AIDS, not fear

My name is Zoleka Lobi. I have had some problems in my community. Towards the end of 2001, my neighbours started insulting me about my status when they got drunk. One time, it got so bad that we fought and they wanted to burn my house. One of them wanted to stab me but I defended myself. The police were called and instead of arresting the people for insulting me in public, I was jailed for defending myself. I spent a weekend in jail.

AIDS - When there is nothing left to lose

I am Zoliswa Magwenthsu, living in Site C in Khayelitsha. I refused at first to take the treatment because I knew I was dying. I also remember another doctor telling my relatives that I would not make it. After a while, I decided to take these medications only because I had nothing left to lose.

Battling through the stigma of HIV

I am Noncedo Nokuthenjwa Bulana. I am advising others to test for HIV and learn as much about it if they do test positive. I nearly died leaving behind my precious children and family. My community has accepted me, I now volunteer as an educator at my clinic. Most people don't believe my story now that I am well.

ARVs saved my life

My name is Phumzile Neville Nywagi and I am 40 years of age. In 2001, I became sick and had swollen glands in my neck. I thought it was just a bad flu that would not go away. I went to a day hospital and was examined by a doctor. He asked me about if I knew about HIV and if I wanted to have an HIV test. I decided not to go for an HIV test.