MSF assists people displaced by violence in Nigeria

MSF is providing aid for thousands of displaced people who have fled violence which has recently flared up in the central Nigerian state of Plateau. Mobile clinics are being used to give better medical aid to more than 10,000 people who are currently living in makeshift camps under extremely difficult conditions. Thousands of Nigerians fled from central Plateau state after reciprocal clashes between rival militia culminated in a massacre in the village of Yelwa at the beginning of May. MSF mobile emergency aid teams are providing basic healthcare in a number of displaced camps in the state of Bauchi to the north of Plateau and in and around Lafia, the capital of the southern state of Nassawara. Many displaced have sought shelter in schools and other public buildings, and are living there under extremely difficult conditions. Clean drinking water is running short in some of the camps, and in some cases, thousands of people are having to make use of just a handful of latrines. Consequently, in addition to medical aid, the MSF teams are also helping to set up sanitary facilities, and improve supplies of drinking water. In doing so, MSF hopes to prevent outbreaks of diseases such as cholera or measles amongst the people, who are living in very cramped conditions.