MSF assists in Niari province

The central African republic of Congo-Brazzaville (Republic of Congo) saw one of the worst humanitarian crises of the past year. Since 1993, Congo-Brazzaville has had to deal with three civil conflicts, of which the last one is expected to continue until the general elections next year. During the conflicts, more than 600,000 people were displaced. Some 200,000 have not returned to their homes or live as refugees in neighbouring countries. Many are unaccounted for. In April, MSF started an intervention in the northern part of Niari region which was previously inaccessible for security reasons. Some 60,000 people live in the Niari region. The MSF programme aims at improving basic curative and preventative healthcare services, the epidemiological surveillance and emergency response as well as lobby other organisations to work in the area. MSF is the only organisation that works in territory controlled by the opposition. So far, basic health kits have been distributed in five communities and medical staff have been trained in data collection and case definition regarding epidemic diseases. Consultations in the supported clinics have significantly increased. The first phase of the MSF intervention in Niari is planned to end at the end of August.