MSF aims to re-start feeding centre after eruption

On January 24, an MSF team went back to the therapeutic nutrition camp in Kishanga, in the north of Kivu province. Prior to the eruption on January 17 of Mount Nyiragongo, the centre hosted approximately 100 malnourished children and had to be evacuated following the eruption. The road was blocked after the eruption and MSF teams have only just been able to re-establish contact there. The last food was distributed there last Friday and the children were sent home. MSF is attempting to restablish the facility as soon as possible. Other MSF action MSF staff distributed BP5 biscuits to eight health centres in Goma, targetting facilities where health consultations have increased in the past few days. Water provision to areas that do not have running water is continuing. Staff members are providing ongoing coordination of installed bladders as well as training local NGOs to undertake chlorination efforts along the coastline. In the Bukavu area, MSF is monitoring the epidimeological situation of the 10,000 displaced people there where concerns are focused on cholera and meningitis. Additional probles for this camp is the steady flow of people to the facility. People are walking in from the open bush looking for food and shelter. With such spontaneous and uncoordinated arrival, it is far more difficult to determine needs.