MSF activities for Chechnya: Ingushetia and Dagestan

MSF is working with the Chechen displaced populations in the surrounding provinces of ingushetia and Dagestan. The current activities are: Ingushetia
  • Mobile clinics in IDP camps and collective centers in northern Ingushetia with special attention for gynaecological and prenatal consultations;
  • Water and sanitation teams supporting IDP communities;
  • Community Health workers in IDP communities with targeted distribution of items such as tents and food).
  • Gynecological and prenatal consultations in two clinics as well as one mobile clinic plus support to the maternity ward of Nazran and SleptovskaÃ?¯a;
  • Rehabilitation and sanitation of IDP makeshift homes ("squats") as well as distribution of hygiene kits and shelter;
  • Pediatric consultations in Rasviet-Mro.
  • Drug distribution programme: in 32 locations;
  • Tuberculosis programme: aimed at Chechens crossing the border with possible future extension into Chechnya; 60-bed facility underway in former children’s holiday camp (Sunzhenski district near airport, close to Chechen border). Dagestan
  • Collective centers: distribution relief items and hygienic kits as well as roofing and sanitation to 16 collective centers;
  • Mobile clinic for IDPs in 13 collective centers and a second for Dagestani residents in Tsumada region as well as support to medical structures;
  • Psycho-social programme with aim of integrating war affected children (6 to 12 years) into school system in Khazaviurt.