MSF action in Somalia in 2002

MSF has been working in Somalia since 1986 when it began emergency medical interventions in Somaliland. Since then MSF has been operational in many locations - including Kismayo, Baidoa and South Mogadishu - but is currently based in six different regions in Somalia:
  • Bakool
  • Bay
  • Mudug
  • Benadir
  • Middle Shabelle Our medical activities focus on:
  • Primary Health care (PHC)
  • Mother and Child Health (MCH)
  • Extended Program of Immunisation (EPI)
  • Epidemiological surveillance and interventions in case of outbreaks
  • Emergency response Bakool Region MSF has been operational in Bakool Region since June 2000. Activities are focused in the Primary Health Care Centre (PHCC) in Xudur, with therapeutic feeding, tuberculosis treatment, kala azar treatment, OPD/IPD/ (out patient and in-patient departments), epidemiological surveillance and emergency response. Xudur is near the Ethiopian border and the PHCC serves a population of 60,000 in Xudur district alone and 180,000 in the surrounding area. MSF also runs a Primary Health Care Unit (PHCU) in Rhabdure, around 90 kms north-west of Xudur. From there, outreach work is done in surrounding villages like Isdorte and Bodan, with referrals being transported to either Rhabdure or Xudur by MSF's truck. Bay Region MSF opened its health centre in Dinsor, Bay Region, in August 2002. Mudug Region MSF has been active in and around Galkaayo, Mudug Region, since 1997. Support is given to Mudug Regional Hospital in Galkaayo with training and supplies services, the training of traditional birth attendants (TBAs) and emergency preparedness response. The population of Galkaayo alone is 80,000 although the total target population whom the hospital serves is 650,000. From its base in Galkaayo, vaccination programmes and emergency response programmes are also carried out - for instance in early 2002, when a meningitis outbreak in the north of Puntland and a cholera outbreak around Bosasso led to emergency interventions. MSF also has outreach primary health posts in north Mudug region, in Galdogob, Bursalah and Balambalal. Benadir Region MSF has been present in North Mogadishu since 1992, and serves a population of 64,000. Its OPD/MCH is located in Mogadishu's Yaqshid district and sees an astonishing 80,000-90,000 consultations per year. Most patients here are displaced from other areas of the country; people who have no other access to health care. MSF also carries out emergency surveillance and response to epidemics. Cholera has been an annual visitor in Mogadishu since 1994. Consequently, every year MSF sets up a Cholera Treatment Centre (CTC) and engages in preventive activities like chlorination of water. All programs include training activities and emergency response capacity for outbreaks. Middle Shabelle Region Initially using Mogadishu as base, MSF has intervened further north of the country capital. Jowhar and Aden Yabal were identified in 1994 as needing medical intervention. Now MSF runs six OPDs in the Aden Yabal district, one MCH post, one health post, an emergency room, and a mobile EPI supervision team. In the Jowhar district, there are five MSF OPDs, four MCHs, 1EPI mobile team and one mobile supervision team. MSF has also intervened in cholera outbreaks, opening CTCs in Jowhar in 1994, 1997 and 1998, and in Aden Yabal in 1994 and 1995.