Morocco: Aid to excluded women in Casablanca

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Morocco's maternal mortality rate is one of the highest in North Africa. In Mers El Kheir, an area of Rabat, MSF helped build a labor and delivery room in an area health center to improve women's prospects for safe delivery of their babies. The delivery facility was finished in July 2001. MSF hopes to eventually provide training to medi-cal staff. In the meantime, MSF continues to offer health education on such topics as maternal health, family planning, and hygiene in the same area. In August 2001, MSF began a project in Casablanca to provide basic care to excluded women and others living in vulnerable conditions in this port city. Working with a local association, MSF provides basic health care to prostitutes, and plans to add sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention and other education activities in the future. In Tangier, MSF gives basic care to destitute people, many of them living in the old city. In a first stage, small street teams are seeking to identify vulnerable people, learn about their problems, and document their condition. MSF began work in Morocco in 1997. International staff: 9 National staff: 6