Medical and security situations deteriorating

On Sri Lanka, both the medical situation in the north and the
security situation for international NGO's is deteriorating.

Medical facilities in the LTTE (Tamil Tiger)-controlled north are being re-supplied in limited ways, and MSF has been prevented from shipping in most medicines and medical materials.

The management of Akkarayan Hospital
in the Wanni has decided to suspend all its clinics because of the

"The hospital is only able to offer general care," said country
co-ordinator Isabel Simpson from the capital Colombo. "All clinics for
heart-diseases, asthma and so on will be closed next week. We are now
looking at a new way of putting pressure on the Government by
comparing the lists of all drugs sent by the government and MSF this
year, and the estimation of the needs for 2000 by the Ministry of
Health. This comparison is probably going to be finalised by the end
of next week."