Mauritania: Health care for urban and isolated populations


  • National staff : 5
  • International staff : 6


    MSF continues to run a primary health care programme for inhabitants of Toujounine, lying 10 kilometres from the centre of the capital Nouakchott. This programme was first launched at the end of 1996 and is now in a transitional phase aimed at providing a health care system that meets the populations needs.

    The team's objective is to improve access to health care for both the local populations and the displaced. The team is involved in a variety of activities aimed at improving health care, and most particularly mother and child health care : training in pre/post-natal care, vaccination, nutrition, and health-care management.

    In March-April of 1999 MSF launched a nutrition and vaccination programme in the central region of Tagant, whose population has long been subject to minimal attention in, among others, the health-sector.

    In april a measles outbreak affected the region, calling attention to the need for improvement in the health-information system (this concern resurfaced in May 1999 when meningitis cases were detected in the southern regions of the country).