Malawi: MSF combats growing AIDS problem

  • National staff : 63
  • International staff : 11

    Since 1994 MSF has run a programme to combat STDs and AIDS in Mwanza district. In 1997 this was extended to include Chiradzulu district. This preventive and curative programme focuses on providing assistance to health centres, hospitals and schools targeting the sick, the young, prisoners and sex workers. MSF is also helping ensure the safety of blood transfusions. MSF also runs an AIDS prevention programme in Thyolo district where one in four people is HIV positive. The team distributes information on AIDS and raises awareness on how to prevent its spread among the sections of the population most at risk. MSF also trains health workers, traditional healers and counsellors in dealing with people infected with the HIV virus. MSF monitors the quality of home-based care provided to AIDS patients by community groups. In 1999, MSF intervened during a cholera epidemic in all its project sites in southern Malawi as well as in the capital Blantyre by setting up cholera camps and providing water and sanitation assistance. MSF continues to provide water and sanitation assistance in Thyolo district in an effort to ward off disease. MSF supplies drinking water to health centres, maternity wards and neighbouring villages. Incinerators and latrines have been put in place.