Luxembourg: Treating teenage drug abuse

On one hand, Luxembourg's conservative culture and strict rules forbidding these drugs keeps many from using them. On the other hand, the number of young people, especially adolescents, using these drugs has rapidly risen in the past few years. Today about 50 percent of minors have used illegal substances at least once. This contradiction between firm social norms and adolescents' own experiences with drugs can quickly lead to intra-family and inter-generational strife and severe reactions from school and judicial authorities. In response, MSF has created the Solidarité Jeunes project. Through it, MSF works with young people using drugs, their families and concerned institutions including 40 schools and 10 outreach programs in the country. The program provides medical care, information about drug use and addiction, psychosocial care and individual and family therapy. Between August 2003 and July 2004, more than 230 consultations were carried out. Exploring the needs of immigrants In December 2003, MSF started a working group with other NGOs to monitor closely the medical and psychological situation of undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers entering the country. MSF also maintains regular contact with government authorities to assess and develop medical care targeting asylum seekers in the country.