Luxembourg: Support network tackles drug abuse

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Since 1997, MSF has been engaged in a countrywide program focusing on young people who abuse mind-altering drugs, considered to be one of the most urgent problems in the country. Starting with the premise that drug abuse may be a reaction to deeper personal, family, or social problems, MSF psychologists offer support to these young people and their families. The team works to establish links among various institutions and social services. Institutions that work directly with young people - schools, the judicial system, and home and family services - can also request help from MSF. A key goal of the program is to coordinate work with relevant services to approach the problem in a holistic way. MSF trains educational teams who work on a day-to-day basis with the young drug users. The deepening problem of drug abuse in schools has also prompted MSF to increase its involvement in that area. An initial 27 requests for aid came in 1997; 132 were received in 2000, and the number of requests continues to rise. Staff: 5