Luxembourg: Integrated approach to drug addiction

MSF, in cooperation with other NGOs and state agencies, has run a support program, "MSF - Solidarité Jeunes," for under-age drug abusers since 1997. The psychologists working in the program offer support to these young people and their families and communities based on the premise that drug abuse among young people often is a reaction to deeper personal, family or social problems. Emphasis is also placed on efficient collaboration with all institutions and authorities who work with young people, such as schools, foster homes, legal authorities, psychosocial and family services. The key objective is to coordinate the work of the different services involved so as to approach the problem of drug abuse in a holistic way. The program has expanded considerably since it was launched, with the team providing psychological and therapeutic care to 195 young people in 2001. Other work includes providing support to psychosocial workers and educators, and organizing training sessions and conferences to enhance professional skills and promote a "common culture" of case management. Expanding work in schools and strengthening collaboration with the judiciary and youth services were also important emphases this year. Paid staff: 4