Luxembourg: Creating a network of support for young drug abusers

  • National staff: 5 Since 1997, MSF has worked throughout Luxembourg with young people who abuse mind-altering drugs. Starting from the premise that drug abuse may be a reaction to deeper family, personal, or social problems, MSF seeks to offer support to young people by working with two key partners who helped found the program: the foundation Jugend-an DrogenhÃ?«llef and the organization Jongenheem. However, instead of seeing itself as one more social service, the team identifies and links various Luxembourgish institutions and services. Institutions that work directly with young people - the school system, the judicial system, and home and family services - can request help from MSF when dealing with those involved in substance abuse. Several MSF psychologists then work directly with young people, their parents, and the teams in the institutions. MSF has treated nearly 220 young people since the program began. Even though it receives referrals from the justice department, MSF remains completely independent of the judicial system.