Luxembourg 1998

Tacking drug-addiction through family approach MSF runs a psycho-social and therapeutic project to assist minors with drug-taking habits likely to lead to addiction or those with behavioural problems who also use addictive substances. Together with two other local organisations, MSF has put together a team of experienced psychologists using a family-based approach. Much of the work consists of training staff in homes and holding centres for juveniles in dealing with drug-related problems. For example, reception centres that normally refuse minors taking psychotropic and other potentially addictive substances may be persuaded to do so if they can turn to MSF to provide training and specialised help when necessary. MSF's intention is to "coordinate" a network of existing organisations so that juveniles with drug-related problems do not fall through the net. In addition, MSF encourages the justice system to consider alternatives to residential sentences for such minors, including referring them and their families to MSF for consultations. However, MSF remains completely independent of the justice system and does not report to it - a point that is stressed to all potential beneficiaries of the programme.