Lebanon: Shift in context leads to MSF departure

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Since 1998, MSF has been involved in psychosocial support for PTSD sufferers near the front lines in Jezzine and Nabatiye by offering individual counseling and education programs. Fear still grips southern Lebanon even after Israeli forces pulled out in the summer of 2000, and late in 2000 MSF extended its mental health program into the former occupied zone. After training six psychosocial assistants to provide counseling, support, and professional referrals, MSF handed this project over to the Lebanese Ministry of Social Affairs in April 2001. With ammunition- and mine-related casualties remaining high even after the occupation, MSF, in cooperation with the International and Lebanese Red Cross, worked to provide greater emergency care in front-line areas. It was important for MSF to complete its extensive training program for Red Cross volunteers in southern Lebanon, which it did in late 2000. International staff: 4 National staff: 5