Lebanon 1998

International staff: 2 National staff: 3 Healthcare for refugee children Peace accords between Israel and Palestine took little account of 356,000 registered Palestinians in Lebanon (and another 60,000 who are unregistered). Many have no access to health care. In February 1998, MSF began working in Al Hamshari Hospital, run by the Palestinian Red Crescent in SaÃ?¯da (Sidon) in South Lebanon, which targets the Palestinian population of two refugee camps (around 90,000 people), particularly children under 15 (39% of the pop.). The objectives are the creation of paediatric and neonatalogy services and a referral system towards them. The team also aims to set up a health monitoring system and a continuing training programme for hospital staff. An MSF paediatrician works beside local paediatricians and an MSF nurse pre-selects local nurses for specialised training. Both volunteers are very much involved in paediatric training and have set up a course covering resuscitation/intensive care, anaesthesia and paediatrics for the nurses' training school attached to the hospital.