Launch of MSF Activity Report marks 30 years of humanitarian work,

Brussels, December 11, 2001 - In December 2001, MSF marks 30 years of providing medical aid that is matched by a commitment to witness, debate and reflect critically on the political failures we confront, among which weak protection for those in need, especially refugees and the displaced; inability to reach people in danger and lack of medicines for the diseases of the poor. In 2001, the plight of refugees and displaced people has animated the debate in many international forums. In our many years of work, we have had too much experience of refugees - and too much experience of the ways in which their rights are being eroded and ignored. They are our patients in so many of the over 80 countries in which we work, represented in our Activity Report published on the 13th December. They are a symptom of the violence and political failure that have driven millions of people around the world to flee for their lives. To take only one example, in Afghanistan, our volunteers were alongside Afghans as they ran from their homes, as they struggled to cross borders to Pakistan and Iran, and as they arrived in hope at a European refuge. It is MSF's repeated experience in many of the places where the organization is active that victims of war and terror are being further betrayed by the weakness of the system of international protection. You are invited to attend a press conference in which this issue will be discussed and MSF Activity Report 2001 will be presented to the press. The speakers on the panel will be:
  • Rafael Vilasanjuan, MSF Secretary General
  • Pierre Salignon, Operational Desk, MSF, Paris Operational Centre
  • Liesbeth Schockaert, Research Center, MSF, Brussels Operational Centre
  • Christopher Stokes, Director of Operations, MSF, Brussels Operational Centre For more information, please contact Luisa Colasimone, t. 02 474 74 87 or GSM 0477 675 838