Ivory Coast: Bringing aid to prisoners

  • National staff : 50
  • International staff : 7

The enforced cost recovery programme introduced in 1990 has had a poor effect on the population's access to health care in both rural and urban areas. In the countryside, health coverage continues to be very poor.

Since 1997, a team has been running a medico-nutritional programme in the
La Maca prison in the capital Abidjan. Overcrowding is a major problem in La Maca. The prison was built for 1,500 people and yet there are currently 6,000 inmates (or a third of the country's prison population). MSF runs a nutritional centre for 200 malnourished adults and gives medical consultations to the prisoners. The level of hygiene and the quantity of clean drinking water improved owing to MSF's water and sanitation activities. This is not the first time that MSF has brought humanitarian assistance to the prison. In 1991 and 1995, there were interventions following cholera outbreaks.

MSF also runs a medico-nutritional programme for the Liberian refugees living along the banks of the Cavally River in the southern Tabou region.