Independent Origin of Plasmodium falciparum Antifolate Super-Resistance, Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia

Controlling and reducing malaria requires a combination of vector control measures and administration of antimalarial drugs as prophylaxis or treatment. The widespread use of antimalarial drugs has resulted in the emergence of resistant Plasmodium falciparum, recurrently exposing persons in malaria-endemic regions to an unacceptably high risk for treatment failures.

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Authors: Michael Alifrangis, Sidsel Nag, Mette L. Schousboe, Deus Ishengoma, John Lusingu, Hirva Pota, Reginald A. Kavishe, Richard Pearce, Rosalynn Ord, Caroline Lynch, Seyoum Dejene, Jonathan Cox, John Rwakimari, Daniel T.R. Minja, Martha M. Lemnge, and Cally Roper

Source: Emerging Infectious Diseases

Keyword(s): malaria