Haiti one year after: Looking ahead - Plans and Perspectives

In the 12 months passed since the disaster, major gaps in health care provision remain throughout the capital. MSF’s operational budget projections for Haiti for 2011 are €46 million ($60.7 million) to maintain a network of 6 private hospitals with a total capacity of up to 1,000 beds in Port-au-Prince and to continue its support of two Ministry of Health hospitals.

Additionally, MSF is working to establish a foundation that would create a public-private hospital in the capital in the years ahead.

Outside the capital, MSF continues to run its 120-bed private container hospital in Léogâne, focusing on secondary level care with trauma, pediatric, obstetric, maternal, orthopedic, and burn treatment services.

Cholera is now expected to remain in the country for years to come. Another €7.5 million ($9.9 million) is projected to be required to continue cholera-related activities in 2011.

Beyond these projected activities, MSF will remain ready to respond to new emergencies in the country - as it does in all of the nearly 70 countries it operates in today.