• National staff : 37
  • International staff : 9 In the Sous-Rail district of the capital Port-au-Prince, MSF renovated a dispensary and organised the supply of essential medicines. MSF is trying to do the same for a dispensary in the Delmas commune but the lack of government has an impact on decision making at all levels and progress is slow. In Sapotille, Cité Simon and Bois Neuf districts, MSF is focusing on increasing the number of latrines. MSF has supplied the materials and supervises the work. This is a priority for the schools as well as the poorer urban residential areas. Five water fountains have been installed in the Warf Jérémie commune to improve access to safe drinking water. MSF also provides support to Saint Marc Provincial Hospital and surrounding dispensaries (the set up of a health district). MSF supplies medicine and medical material for anaesthesiology and surgery. There is also a large programme of rehabilitation for the hospital and the peripheral dispensaries. Until September 1998, MSF worked in the Southwestern town of Jérémie in the Grande Anse department. Teams renovated the hospital and trained nurses. The focus was on guaranteeing access to surgical services, improving care for women undergoing difficult births and ensuring that isolated rural communities have access to drinking water.