Guinea-Bissau: MSF helps put in place a cholera preparedness plan

  • International staff: 14
  • National staff: 34 Responding to a 1998 internal conflict that shook the country, in late 1998 and early 1999 MSF carried out post-emergency intervention in Safim, Cacheu, Bafatá, GabÃ?º and Oio provinces. The goal was to reduce morbidity and mortality rates among the area's internally displaced people. The project was completed in June 1999. MSF also carried out a massive meningitis vaccination campaign between February and April 1999, vaccinating 1,400,000 people throughout the country. MSF then turned its attention to more longer-term, post-emergency work in cholera preparedness. From July through September 1999, MSF worked with the Ministry of Health to develop a cholera preparedness plan for the entire country. Contingency plans were drawn up for different regions, and MSF trained both clinical staff and managers in seminars held during the summer. Following the successful completion of the cholera project, MSF closed its mission in the country.