Guardian newspaper features MSF

The Guardian and Observer newspapers (UK) are running a series of articles featuring MSF's work in forgotten wars, raising awareness of the suffering caused by conflicts usually ignored by the outside world.

January 8, 2004: Healing the hidden casualties of Kashmir

Dec 29: Doctoring by stealth in Burundi
There are two doctors and 11 nurses, including a sprinkling of expatriates, and 120 beds (soon to be 200) divided between wards for cholera, malnutrition, pyscho-social counselling and orthopaedics.

Dec 28: Medics fight Africa's measles epidemic So it goes in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Imagine a place the size of western Europe with no roads and little infrastructure in the messy aftermath of a horrendous war. Poverty, disease and corruption are widespread.

Dec 24: Healing the most intimate scars of war
Of all atrocities in the Congo's five-year war, sexual assault is perhaps the least documented. But there is little doubt that those seeking treatment represent a tiny fraction of the total. The MSF hospital in Bunia has registered 560 cases since June, the women's ages ranging from four to 85. There is an average of one new case a day.

Dec 23: Unjust desert
In humanitarian terms, the front line in Afghanistan is the Yellow Desert, where thousands of refugees live in flimsy tents in a barren, cold, inhospitable landscape. Illness is rife and the only hope of staying well for many is treatment provided by the charity Médecins sans Frontières. Jonathan Steele reports.

January 8, 2004: Healing the hidden casualties of Kashmir

Dec 20: Doctors acting at long distance across the Caucasian frontiers Security gives MSF unique problems in the troubled republics

Dec 18: How rice farming and refugees brought malaria to vulnerable corner of Burundi
After treatment, prevention is the other battle. Once a year MSF sprays 18,000 homes - covering a quarter of Karuzi's population - which have been identified as malaria hotspots. It has also distributed 36,000 malaria nets, which are vulnerable to another pest: rats. MSF prescribes cats as a lo-tech solution.

Dec 14: Your cash can rebuild shattered victims of a war the world forgot Relief agency Médecins sans Frontières heals people disabled by gangs in Colombia, reports Duncan Campbell

Dec 11: Dying of neglect Sarah Boseley on the struggle to cure sleeping sickness, kala azar and other 'forgotten' diseases.

Dec 10: Oasis of medical care in desert of destruction The MSF compound in south Sudan handles every basic health problem affecting civilians in conflict zones. 

Dec 7: Apocalyptic rebel movement revisits Congo's heart of darkness
In the forests and jungles near Brazzaville, a bitter guerrilla war is led by a messianic pastor who claims that the end of the world is coming. Rory Carroll is the first western journalist to meet him in his remote Kindamba hide-out.

Dec 6: Cheap drugs give hope to Aids patients in war zone
Pioneering project begins in isolated Congo province

Dec 2: Intervention is the cure for Colombia
Medical charity fights to care for the poorest and the millions displaced by civil war.