Gallery: Magaria, Niger: 24 hours with the teams

Since 2005, MSF has been supporting the Ministry of Public Health in Magaria, Zinder region, to reduce the mortality rate of children under five. MSF has been working in health structures that provide paediatric and nutritional care. 
MSF works in Magaria hospital’s paediatric unit and in the Intensive Therapeutic Feeding Centre (ITCF). During the peak season for malnutrition and malaria, which usually runs from June to November, MSF also supports community health centres and offers primary healthcare and ensures treatment for severe malnutrition in children under five. In Magaria hospital’s paediatric unit, the teams treat children who have been hospitalised for severe illnesses other than malnutrition. They also support the Intensive Therapeutic Feeding Centre (ITCF), where children with severe malnutrition and related illnesses such as malaria, respiratory infections or diarrhoea are treated. MSF teams also vaccinate the children to ensure that those hospitalised in the paediatric unit and the ITFC have all their immunisations.