Gallery: Faces from Yida

Portraits from an MSF Vaccination Campaign at the Yida Refugee Camp in South Sudan

When MSF epidemiologists recorded a high child mortality rate at the Yida refugee camp in South Sudan, we had to act. Vaccine-preventable diseases, including pneumonia, were killing the camp’s children.

We responded with a vaccination campaign that included one of the first uses of PCV pneumococcal vaccine in a humanitarian emergency. MSF staff member Yann Libessart captured images of some of the mothers and children we met during the campaign.

As we mark World Immunization Week, we bring you a selection of Yann’s portraits. In these faces, we see the changing moods of children – and the joy, tenderness and commitment shared by mothers everywhere.

We also touch on the MSF Access Campaign’s four key goals for improving access to vaccination in the year ahead: greater temperature tolerance, lower prices, an end to age limits for receiving missed doses, and reduced roadblocks to vaccine use in humanitarian emergencies.