MSF staff : 30

A programme devoted entirely to this project began in October 1998 aimed at testifying to the difficulties faced by certain groups in obtaining medical assistance and influencing the contents of the bill itself. A large number of MSF's proposals were finally accepted by the National Assembly, which voted in favour of the bill in June 1999.

An MSF unit specialised in social and legal matters has continued to assist foreigners living in France with the information and support in completing the necessary formalities.

Medical and social activities on behalf of drug addicts in Paris have been integrated into a medical centre run by MSF and opened to a wider public. Mobile teams have continued to pursue their objectives in regard to reducing infection risks by distributing sterile material (condoms, syringes, etc.) distributors were also installed in front of pharmacies.

Mobile teams have also been set up to go out and meet young people hanging around in the streets and tell them about the medical-social centre.

Another medical programme has been initiated for children and young adults in the Wazemmes area of Lille. Consultations for adults are also available in the MSF centre.

In Marseille, MSF is also helping to improve the regional health care network.