The first Quick Impact Projects are announced

A first look at the QIPs for Albania has been released. There is an extensive list of 42 projects. Only seven have been accepted so far and the remaining are pending. All projects have indicated that they can be finished by the end of September.

Tirana - There are ten projects in the area. Three have been accepted
Rehabilitation of the Sports Palace $202,000
Rehabilitation of Dynamo Sports Center $41,000
Provision of four garbage trucks $80,000

Durres - Seven projects currently listed for the area. One has been approved. Two are on-going.

Road/street repair (Corso and Rrushbull Hill) 85,000 (accepted)

Rehab of Hamallaj Camp site and road repairs $420,000 (ongoing)

Rehab of Spitalle Camp site $45,000 (ongoing)

Fier - Construction of 18km of pipeline wat/san $460,000 (ongoing)