Ethnic purging in the Kosovo enclaves

Following the needs of these populations, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) conducts activities consisting of, amongst others projects;
  • mobile clinics/home visits in the enclaves
  • support of the health structures and
  • mental health care (psychological support).

    Although MSF does not doubt the problem is widespread, the following concerns are based on MSF activities in the northern and southern parts of the town of Mitrovica, as well as in the different Serbian enclaves belonging to the municipalities of Vushtrri, Skenderaj, Gjilane, Kamenica and Vitia.

    North Mitrovica

    Since June 2000, the medical teams have been doing home visits within the minority groups of several areas of North Mitrovica: Lombardini, Boshjak Mahala, Suvi Do, Kodra e Minotoreve. The patients are mainly old Kosovar-Albanian, Kosovar-Bosnian and Kosovar-Turkish families. Many of them moved to other places where they feel more secure. However many also remain because they think they are too old and too tired to abandon their homes and begin a new life.

    In the Lombardini zone, people do not dare go out of their apartments, even to buy food. And even then they face troubles. Some people, as shown by the case of a 71-year-old Kosovar-Turkish man, are shot at through the door of their apartments. Most of the people are not physically injured - but their emotional health is at its lowest.

    Official figures show 245 families have left Mitrovica North (five zones) since February, 2000. In Lombardini and Boshjak Mahala areas, 69 families left for the southern part of the town during the same period of time (11 on June 21 alone). The estimated number of remaining families in these two areas is less than 200. If the exodus goes on, there will be no minority there anymore.