Equatorial Guinea 1998

International staff: 5 National staff: 25 HEALTHCARE DETERIORATES General Teodoro Obiang Nguema's regime continues to violate human rights. The health care system has deteriorated greatly since Spain withdrew assistance in 1994. MSF continues to develop projects aimed at improving access to health care for the rural and urban population of Bata (target pop. 30,000). Activities in a health centre and in eight dispensaries include mother-and-child health, EPI, organisation and supervision of out-patient consultations, running a pharmacy, technical assistance, implementation of a health information system, and water and sanitation activities. MSF is also involved in a school health programme in cooperation with another INGO, Education Without Borders. This project targets 1,100 children and 25 teachers in nine schools in the northern part of Bata. Activities include training teachers in regard to health matters, developing a "Hygiene and Health" module for inclusion in the curriculum for the teacher training college and "Health Education" didactic modules for primary school children. Educational facilities are also being renovated, which includes the construction of wells and latrines, and the installation of equipment.