Equatorial Guinea

National staff : 31
International staff : 3

After a promising pilot phase, MSF has been preparing and negotiating a health education programme on a nation-wide level in cooperation with another international agency; Educaciòn Sin Fronteras (Education Without Borders) as well as the Ministry of Education. Progress is limited as administrative procedures and bureaucracy appear to be crippling the project. Activities would include developing and publishing a teacher's manual for health-education, training teachers about health matters, developing a "Hygiene and Health" module for inclusion in the curriculum for teacher-training college and introducing health education as a subject for primary school children. MSF believes that it is important that people begin to adopt healthy and hygienic lifestyles from an early age. Educational facilities are also being renovated, with an emphasis on the construction of wells and latrines. MSF teams are also trying to improve access to health care for the urban and rural populations living in and around Bata. The estimated target population is 30,000 people. The teams' main activities are carried out in a health centre and eight dispensaries and include the management and supervision of mother and child health care, vaccination programmes, water supply and the construction of latrines.