Emergency supplies for victims Beslan hostage crisis, Northern Ossetia

MSF has delivered emergency medical supplies to the health authorities in Beslan and has sent a team down to Beslan, Nothern Ossetia. MSF has been reacting to the hostage taking in the region where a school house was overtaken on the first day of school and children and adults held captive. The crisis ended with deaths and injuries. At the beginning of the crisis, MSF contacted the health ministry to offer our medical support. Following this, MSF received a list of items that were needed and quickly supplied this to Beslan as well as four extra medical kits (containing dressing material, endotracheal tubes, catheters, iv fluids, etc ). In addition, on Saturday (August 4) a team of three persons arrived in Beslan from Moscow. They visited hospitals, delivered more medical supplies and discussed the situation with the health authorities and other NGOs. It appears that the immediate medical needs are satisfied for an estimated period of 3-4 days. However, approximately 70% of hospitalised patients are expected to remain in the hospitals for 2-4 weeks thus requiring additional medical supplies. Most of the patients suffer from shot wounds and burns. Roughly half of the hospitalised patients are children. MSF will keep on monitoring the situation in Northern Ossetia and look into a possible role to play on the mid-term.