East Timorese in West Timor

East Timor - Estimations are of between 180,000 and 270,000 displaced East Timorese currently in West Timor. Security problems within the country as well as bureaucratic restrictions have limited access. The Indonesian Government has provided sole supplies and health care personnel. MSF is primarily involved in providing water and sanitation (watsan) assistance and stands ready to provide emergency and public health assistance. In the capital Kupang and the Kupang district (pop: 64,000), MSF is providing watsan assistance in the Gor Stadium and Noelbaki camps. In the Kefa district (pop: 44,000), MSF is providing watsan in the Naen, Alplal and Wini camps In the Belu district (150,000), as of October 11, MSF has undertaken delivering water to the Atambua Hospital as well as around the Gor Stadium and in the Hutanjati Camp. MSF is also helping with latrines and wells in Hutanjati. In Betun (pop:22,000), there are two camps, Kletek and Vahieluka, as well as small groups on unoccupied land and in eight smaller camps. There was a measles caccination in four camps two weeks ago. There are needs for well improvements for water supply, sanitation, shelter materials as well as medicines and basic medical materials. In Kobalima (pop: 13,900), the assess ment was conducted under police escort. People there are living in dispersed tents plus one shelter in the town. MSF was unable to assess the water supply during the visit. There is one health post there with one nurse and one midwife. There is also a health cantre with one doctor, conducting approximately 70 to 80 consultations per day. Most of the conditions are respiratory tract infections (RTI), diarrhea and malaria. MSF is offering assistance through local Public Health offices and the Health Ministry. Resettlement sites in West Timor have been identified by the Goverment to hold 20,000 families (100,000 people). Government registration has now stopped. However now the rain season is imminent, shelter, flooding, malaria and dengue fever concerns are mounting. The Government has constructed temporary barracks on three sites (capacity: 3,000 to 4,000) and is building a more permanent site at Salamu for people who intend to remain in West Timor. MSF contingency planning anticipates that 75,000 people will pass through both Liquicia and Maliana (total: 150,000) over the next seven days. MSF is prepared to offer basic medical care facilities. West Timor In West Timor, there are nine expats based in Kupang, Kefa and Atambua.