Directly-Observed and Self-Administered Tuberculosis Treatment in a Chronic, Low-Intensity Conflict Setting in India

ALT Siddharth Singh

Limited data are available about tuberculosis treatment models of care for internally displaced populations in chronic, low-intensity conflict zones. This study aimed to detail experiences of a Médecins Sans Frontières tuberculosis programme in Andhra Pradesh-Chhattisgarh border area, India, from January to December 2012. The study was a description of two retrospective, observational cohorts receiving category I tuberculosis treatment, either intermittent directly observed treatment (DOT) or daily self-administered therapy (SAT) depending on the security of the area and access to health care services.

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Authors: Mrinalini Das, Petros Isaakidis, Edward Armstrong, Nirmala Rani Gundipudi, Ramesh B. Babu, Ihtesham A. Qureshi, Andrea Claes, Anil Kumar Mudimanchi, Nagendra Prasad, Homa Mansoor, Sunita Abraham

Journal: Public Library of Science (PLoS) One

Keyword(s): Tuberculosis