Demographics - Population profile : Left with no choice

Global population figures A total of 3,209 families from all of the eight camps for Chechen families in Ingushetia were questioned and entered into the database. (This does not include families living in spontaneous settlements in Uchkhoz, Logovaz, and MRO/Rassviet).

In these families, MSF monitors saw and counted a total of 16,499 persons. The families themselves reported a total of 19,035 persons. The discrepancy between the number of people seen by the MSF monitors and the number reported by the refugee families themselves is due to the fact that some family members were out at the moment the survey was carried out. Though families that were absent were revisited, individual family members who were absent were not revisited. We can thus consider that the MSF figures for number of people are lower than the real figures.

Camp no of families no of people as counted by monitors no of peopleAccording to families interviewed
Bart 480 2,640 2,858
Logovaz* 47 239 265
Alina 553 2,526 2,952
Bella 500 2,276 2,886
Rassviet/MRO* 192 1,075 1,128
Satsita 603 3,314 3,950
Sputnik 786 4,184 4,718
Uchkhoz* 48 245 278
TOTAL 3,209 16,499 19,035

*Note: In Logovaz, Rassvet/MRO, and Uchkhoz, families living in Kompakniki are not included in these figures.

Age profile 14% of the total population is under 5 years old (2327 children under 5), and 1% above 75 years old (195 elderly)

Pregnancies Pregnant women represent 2% of the total population (292 women).

Disabilities 5% of the total number of families (150 families) have at least one member who suffers from a disability, such as paralysis, amputation of the legs, blind, or mentally retarded.

B. Status of Tents

98 % of interviewed families live in tents (3,159 over 3,209)

Of these :

  • 52% (1,653 / 3,159) of families live in tents that leak, and /or do not have insulation against the cold, and/or do not have a floor (either concrete or wooden) .
  • 42 % of families (1,317 / 3,159) live in leaking tents
  • 24 % of families (749 / 3,159) live in tents with no insulation
  • 14% of families (437 / 3,159) live in tents that leak and have no insulation.
  • 5% of families (1,45/ 3,159) live in tents with no floor


    5 Note - all figures given are the numbers of people / families that MSF monitors directly observed, unless mentioned otherwise