Cough Up for TB

Download the report "We desperately need new vaccines, drugs and diagnostics for TB. This will only happen with more research." Every day the medical teams of Médecins Sans Frontières are faced with the lack of adequate or effective tools needed to treat, detect or prevent disease - especially those diseases that predominantly occur in poor countries, such as tuberculosis, malaria or other neglected diseases. Although governments have repeatedly recognised this disastrous state of affairs, the financial commitments for much needed research and development of drugs, diagnostics and vaccines lag far behind the political rhetoric - raising questions about the seriousness of the international community’s response to this crisis in health. This report examines the contributions of the European Commission to the funding of research for neglected diseases with a particular focus on tuberculosis: Worldwide, this disease claims around 1.7 million lives every year. We now face further and more alarming challenges with the emergence of strains that are resistant to standard drugs and the rapid spread of the disease among people living with HIV. Given that Europe is on the frontline of tuberculosis with the rapid spread of the epidemic in Central Asia, the Caucasus, Eastern Europe, and even within the European Union in the Baltic States, the results of our investigation are extremely worrying: The European Commission does far too little to fight an epidemic that is spiralling out of control.